• positive review  Yo conocí a Agnieszka en un retiro en la selva. Con ella tuve la experiencia de tener sesiones de Yoga grupales y también una individual al igual de la terapia con cuencos. Antes probé sesiones de meditación y prácticas de relajación de la mente y cuerpo en otras disciplinas. Lo que puedo relatar de mi experiencia con Agnieszka es que en primer lugar sentí mucho amor entrega en cada oportunidad. Segundo, es que ella como exponente y practicante del Yoga es muy experimentada y hábil al guiar con su ejemplo al mostrarnos los ejercicios. En el mismo sentido, en las sesiones todo sesión parece fluir y pasé el tiempo enfocado, sintiendo siempre la mirada atenta y la corrección que a veces uno pueda necesitar de Agnieszka. Yo no tengo mucha flexibilidad pero Agnieszka supo acompañarme y adaptar algunas formas y ejercicios a mi cuerpo. La terapia con cuencos me llevó a estados emocionales y de meditación que nunca experimenté. Las vibraciones de los cuencos con el agua abrieron mi sensibilidad aún más. Es por estas breves razones y la gran persona y terapeuta que es Agnieszka que recomiendo mucho su trabajo, el corazón y la dedicación entregada que transmite a cada instante! Muy recomendable!!!!

    Honorio Gabriel Nicolás Collao Britto Avatar Honorio Gabriel Nicolás Collao Britto
    17th marzo 2021

    positive review  Agnieszka work is a reflection of her own self: kind, lovely, caring... I can't describe what I felt with the sound healing massage, was such a beautiful experience to feel the water inside my body moving with sound..... Apart from that, her yoga classes were always focused on how we were feeling every day, not pushing us too further if we were tired and doing so when she felt we were ready for it. I've spent a beautiful month sharing the room and experiences with her in Morocco and I feel so grateful to have met her! Thanks for your light, Agni. I miss you!!!

    Aline Biz Avatar Aline Biz
    14th octubre 2020

    positive review  I met Agni during my surf and yoga retreat in Morocco in the beginning of March 2020 and what a ray of sunlight she is 😊 she delivered her yoga classes with great knowledge, focus and her joyful spirit which leaves noone untouched. I Was fortunate enough to have a session of thai massage and sound healing with her which left me super relaxed and fully recovered from tired surf muscles the day after. I hope I will be able to meet Agni again someday, she genuinly cares about people and the balance in each ones life giving helpful advise and shares her knowledge with much respect ❤️ defenitely recommended!

    Inga Birna Friðjónsdóttir Avatar Inga Birna Friðjónsdóttir
    5th marzo 2020
  • positive review  Had an amazing Thai massage and sound healing session with Agnieszka in Taghazout, Morocco. The massage was strong but gentle and the sound healing was an out of this world experience. I also did some vinashsa flow, yin and restorative yoga sessions with her and I really enjoyed the environment she created and her style of practice! Can highly reccommend this lovely human 👌🏻

    Michelle Morgan Avatar Michelle Morgan
    27th febrero 2020

    positive review  A lovely sweet happy girl that always considers the group energy level before starting the class en adjust to their needs. A great start of the day with your yoga class riding the wave of happiness. Thank you darling and I hope to join one of your classes again one day

    Sharon Fernie Avatar Sharon Fernie
    21st febrero 2020

    positive review  Great yoga teacher and full of patience. Always good vibes with her. And I also recommend a nice ”after surf” massage to recover and get better. Hope to see you soon

    Romain Labrousse Avatar Romain Labrousse
    17th febrero 2020
  • positive review  If you find agni teaching yoga in a place where you’re also surfing, she has a great amount of after surf stretches with an amazing yin-yoga class. Her tai massage is very relaxing and and most of all she is such a happy person that makes you motivate to be happy in life yourself 🤙😊 I’d love to have her lessons every morning and every evening if i could, I’m hopeful to meet her again some day. ❤️‼️☺️

    Tia Loanjoe Avatar Tia Loanjoe
    14th febrero 2020

    positive review  Here is the thing about people with good hearts: like AGNI <3 Thank you for bringing the sun with you in my Morokko yoga mornings. I had such a great time doing vinyasa yoga in the morning and yin yoga in the evening after surfing. Life is better when you´re laughing. So hug yourself and fill your life with great yoga moments. Namaste.

    Steffi Hlgndrff Avatar Steffi Hlgndrff
    3rd febrero 2020

    positive review  I had a Yin Yoga lesson and a Thai massage with Agni in Taghazout, Marocco. She has magic healing hands and is an inspiring person. After the massage i felt wonderful relaxed and tired but still energised and connected to my body and spirit. I hope to have the chance to meet her somewhere again.

    Andrea Rabensteiner Avatar Andrea Rabensteiner
    27th enero 2020
  • positive review  I had the fortune of meeting this shinning soul in Fuerteventura! Agni's sound healing is absolutly inspiring and super relaxing. She takes you to places you've never been before and she has a wide knowledge about chakras and energy. I hope to meet you again beautiful woman!

    Paula San Martin Avatar Paula San Martin
    20th enero 2020

    positive review  Really really good Thai massage. Gentle yet still effective, it really helped me to relax and restore my muscles after three days of surfing. I got soo relaxed during the treatment that I've actually fallen asleep. However, after the massage, I felt full of energy and not tired at all. Highly recommended. Thank you, Agneshka!

    Mazurova Anya Avatar Mazurova Anya
    12th enero 2020

    positive review  By following Agni's yogalessons I really felt the essence of yoga. I'm very thankfull to Agni for this experience. She is very patient, shows you how to relax, to be kind to yourself and enjoy life. She has a special place my heart.

    Gea Vliek Avatar Gea Vliek
    5th enero 2020
  • positive review  Amazing spiritual lady,withn knowledge and healing hands

    Gina Ashby Avatar Gina Ashby
    29th diciembre 2019

    positive review  Really nice yoga flow and thought through sequences, tailored for each individual needs. I also highly recommend the thai massage. Aga is a really great person, with a lot of experience from which one can learn a lot.

    Sabina Ioana Avatar Sabina Ioana
    29th diciembre 2019

    positive review  What a beautiful sound bath, did it twice and can't get enough 🙂 agni is a beautiful soul, kind & honest. she does her treatments with a whole lot of love & joy. highly recommend!

    Maria Meisl Avatar Maria Meisl
    29th noviembre 2019
  • positive review  I had a beautiful sound workshop with Agni. I honestly didn’t thought this would be so powerful. As she played she guided me trough to vibrations of her bowls and other ancient instruments. I definitely recommend her, she took care of me and created a space of safety. I am super grateful to have meet you❣️☀️ Hope to see you soon wonderful soul!🌼

    Luca Lorefice Avatar Luca Lorefice
    26th noviembre 2019

    positive review  I totally recommend the sound bath, outstanding experience, floating thru space and time, it was awesome; thank you for those special moments.

    Wolfgang Breyscha Avatar Wolfgang Breyscha
    19th noviembre 2019

    positive review  Agni’s approach is sooo beautiful. I highly recommend her sound bath🙌 it is fantastic

    Unison Unison Avatar Unison Unison
    12th noviembre 2019
  • positive review  Agni ist eine ganz wunderbar angenehme, ruhige und fröhliche Persönlichkeit. Sie achtet auf jedes Detail während der Massage, seien es Düfte, Klänge, persönliche Wünsche des Kunden oder ihre Anwendungstechniken. Die Thai Massage war deshalb die Beste, die ich jemals genießen durfte. Ich kann Agni für eine Thai-Massage definitiv weiterempfehlen, für mich war es eine einzigartige und sehr entspannende Erfahrung mit einer ganz, ganz lieben Person!

    Fee-Ana Belle Avatar Fee-Ana Belle
    23rd octubre 2019

    positive review  Not only did Yoga change my body – it changed my life. Agnieszka is right – the yoga and meditation makes all the difference in the world. Having a support from her all the time and exercises she taught me and healthy food diet was also pinstrumental to my success with what she taught me. Not only did I lose my weight, but my mental state is strong and healthy, my diet is clean, and I’m now I see myself confident and full of life. It doesn’t get much better than that! 🙂 Thanks Agni <3

    Kailash Bhatia Avatar Kailash Bhatia
    19th noviembre 2018

    positive review  Agni is a wonderful woman with beautiful soul. I can recommend her yoga classes and also the singing bowl therapy, it was an amazing experience. Thank you Agni!

    Kateřina Mencová Avatar Kateřina Mencová
    30th septiembre 2018
  • positive review  Great yoga session. Agni patiently explained everything step by step, beautiful energy.

    Carolina Borja Avatar Carolina Borja
    17th septiembre 2018

    positive review  I like to share my experience. I received a singing bowl healing with a massage from Agni. I could feel directly her beautiful calming energy and her passion for this work when we worked together. It was really calming and relaxing. After the session I felt so much clarity inside and a deep peace and happiness. I m so grateful for this wonderful experience. Thank you dear Agni, beautiful soul.

    Karola de Vlieger Avatar Karola de Vlieger
    5th septiembre 2018

    positive review  Fantastic ioga class and healing bowls session!

    Gloria Lanza Avatar Gloria Lanza
    4th septiembre 2018
  • My sister and I went to her Yoga class and also to a signing bowls session and we loved both experiencies :). Agni is professional and friendly, you'll free comfortable since the very first moment! Hardly recommended! ❤

    Alba Lance Avatar Alba Lance
    4th septiembre 2018

    It was an amazing yoga class, the instructor is incredible! It will make you feel very relaxed and happy. Totally recommendable if you have time 🙂

    Paloma Kramer Avatar Paloma Kramer
    22nd agosto 2018

    positive review  It’s wonderful yoga class with Agni, she taught the useful breathing way, which make me feel energy and relax.

    Jerry Zhong Avatar Jerry Zhong
    17th agosto 2018
  • positive review  I had an amazing yoga class with Agni! She is very shiny and passionate, explains very well. I felt like a renewed person after the class. Highly recommend!

    Julia Sldkvsk Avatar Julia Sldkvsk
    13th agosto 2018

    Super good yoga classes! Agni is very inspiring and a happy person. After the yoga class you feel very happy and can’t stop smiling for the whole day. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to have a renewing yoga experience!

    Emma Waal Avatar Emma Waal
    13th agosto 2018

    Great! Well adapted to all kinds of yoga experience in her students.

    Tomás Magalhães Avatar Tomás Magalhães
    11th agosto 2018