Once Thai Massage was reserved only for members of the Royal Family …!

According to legend, its secret dates back to the time when the Buddha lived and was invented by his doctor – Shivago Komarpaj

Thai Massage has the form of a vigorous, deep massage, whose elements refer to Chinese Acupressure, Ancient Thai Medicine, Indian Ayurveda and Yoga.

The treatment aims to rejuvenate and stimulate all body parts.

The massage stimulates the power lines Sen, or Meridians, in Hindi – Nadis channels.

Our meeting begins with an interview in which we discuss the contraindications and determine the elements of therapy, because each massage is tailor made, for your individual needs and requirements.

During the whole massage you will stay in comfortable clothes, and I will press your muscle using different body parts (thumbs, hands, elbows and even feet), and stretch your body with positions borrowed from Yoga.

This treatment releases Energy and removes blockades,

which are responsible for stress and tension.


1. REDUCE STRESS Lowers cortisol (a stress hormone), and creates a feeling of euphoria.

2. REDUCES BACK PAIN Especially recommended for people leading a sedentary lifestyle, athletes, and for women who want to return to the figure before pregnancy. Massage removes tension from muscles and joints while strengthening them, as a result of which improve their flexibility.

3. INCREASE RAGE OF MOTION The combination of body stretching, or ‘Yoga for the Lazy’, accompanied by deep muscle massage and acupressure, cause a great result for your health regardless of age.

alternative medicine treatment and complementary method in the treatment of mood disorders. They can alleviate both depression and post-traumatic anxiety symptoms.

5. HEALS MIGRAINE Thai massage includes a face and head massage with elements of acupressure, which relax the skin of the skull, reduce migraine and make facial muscles relaxed and wrinkles shallower.

6. STRENGTHENS IMMUNITY Massage has a beneficial effect on the functional problems of internal organs, improves intestinal peristalsis and metabolism, supports detoxification of accumulated toxins, and also stimulates blood and lymph circulation, strengthening immunity.

7. IMPROVES THE SLEEP QUALITY It relaxes, relaxes, relaxes … and muscle regeneration is reduced to a minimum!

8. SPEEDS UP METABOLISM Massage causes a rapid increase in vitality and eliminate toxins and reduce body fat, what more could you want ???