Yoga it is my Lifestyle!
Full of Joy and Happiness!

Did YOU know, that YOGA means Union ?

Union of Body, Mind and Soul.

3 in 1

One Movement together with

One Breath and

One Awareness

How to go for it?

Wake up with a Smile on your face, be grateful for the New Day, don’t stop smiling, fill yourself with Positive Energy with each Breath!

Start the day with a short Meditation. When you meditate, do it with every fiber of your Being.

Listen to your Body – you want to jump – jump!, you want to spin like a child with your arms outstretched – do it!, you want to dance – dance!

Mindfulness – Awareness of being HERE and NOW

Breathing exercises and gentle stretching will stimulate you better than the best coffee! Don’t be afraid to convince about it! Don’t be afraid to stretch! And keep smiling!

One Pose is accompanied by One Full Breath, and all our Attention focuses on Stretched Body Parts. Union.

Do not be nervous, if you start running somewhere with your thoughts, just return to breathing and if you feel the need – repeat the exercise.

Do You Know Five Aims of Yogic Lifestyle?

Positive Thinking and Meditation – Vedanta and Dhyana.

Proper Breathing – Pranayama.

Proper Relaxation – Savasana.

Proper Diet – Vegetarian.

Proper Exercise – Asanas.

In Practice?


Vriksa /Vriksha/ means Tree and Asana means Posture

-Tree Posture-

How to find a tree within? How to become a tree?

  • We stand firmly on the ground, stick the edges of the feet to the ground, spread toes wide apart – now we are grounded, we feel as we grow our roots deep into the Earth,
  • We focus our eyes on a fixed point on the line of sight, we don’t look down or sideways, it causes a loss of balance,
  • With a breath, we raise one foot and place it on the calf (beginner), inner thigh, or put it on thigh (likewise I did) – remembering never to rest the foot on the knee, we respect the knees,
  • The spine is straight and strong; we stretch up top of the head to The Heaven; tailbone pulled in,
  • With another breath we join our hands in front of the Heart, in the Namaste – prayer position, we breathe,
  • If we feel comfortable and we do not shake, we can let the branches of our tree go higher – for this purpose, with exhalation, we slowly lower our hands along the trunk, and then, with a breath, we slowly making a circle with our hands, drawing the crown of our tree, joining them again in the Namaste position , this time above the head, arms close to the ears, shoulders relaxed – not squeezed, not raised – free, breathable, we can separate our hands above the head as well,
  • We are breathing, we are not holding our breath,
  • Tree Position develops Physical and Emotional Balance, promotes strengthening of Concentration and Self Confidence, stretches the whole body – do not forget to repeat the steps for the other leg,
  • It is best to do it in the morning, on an empty stomach, like all Yoga positions, each time increasing the number of breaths in the final position

Tree in three steps?

1. Grow Solid Roots.

2. Keep The Trunk Balanced.

3.Paint The Crown.

keep breathing…