Vegetarian friendly.

Photo bizaline

Easy for vegan. Challenging for gluten-free. 

No insects.

Photo felixbirkenseer
Location: surfcoastmorocco

There are no mosquitoes, no flies – nothing flies, nothing buzzes. Ants only if you leave food. 

All landscapes.





Photo felixbirkenseer


Photo felixbirkenseer

Chilling and relaxing.

This is not a party country.
Alcohol is rarely available. Hashish is everywhere. 

Paradise for camper vans. 

Easy for traveling for families with children. 
Slowly developing for bicycles. 

Must try: 


Peanut butter with Argan oil and Honey Amlou
You can also find almond version, mmmmmm.. amlouuuuu…

Tajin and Couscous

Photo bizaline
Location: surfcoastmorocco

For tajin you must wait approx. 30min. Enjoy this time drinking Morrocan Mint Tea (remember to ask: without sugar!)

Must see: 


A small and charming fishing village.
And if you are an advanced surfer, do not miss Anchor Point, where the 2020 World Surfers League just happened.

Photo bizaline

Skate Park Taghazout

What a awesome setup! I’ve never seen such a cool place!
Check best pics! Felix in Skatepark

Paradise valley

Photo justyna.gmiterek

A little African oasis with date palms and a natural pool at the bottom of the canyon, where you can jump from 10 meters or more


A bay surrounded by mountains with great waves, lighthouse and fresh fish BBQs


A charming town with a medina, where you can buy beautiful souvenirs from Africa

Atlas Mountain

Photo felixbirkenseer

I need books for describe its beauty. Just buy a ticket and check it self!

Thank You for best photos
Felix <3 felixbirkenseer
Aline <3 bizaline
Justyna <3 justyna.gmiterek

Thank You for hosting and feeding
Surf Coast Morocco surfcoastmorocco

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